A Humble Beginning

The first Kuching Ultra event was in 2017 where it gathered 142 participants. There were participants from Ireland, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong and Brunei. The event only had two categories, 50KM and 70KM. Kuching Ultra is also the first ever road ultra event ever held in the whole of Sarawak.


Our Dreams and Hope

We aim to put Kuching on the map of a major sporting event where elite runners from all over the world would come and compete in our beautiful city. At the same time, this will also give the local runners a chance to experience the Ultra running environment with international quality and standard.


What’s An Ultra?

An Ultra event is beyond the distance of a marathon. In our case, this would be a full Road Ultra meaning the runners will only be running on proper road. Ultra events can grueling, yet its a hate and love relationship. You will only find out why after you experience joining one. Ultra runners are usually self sufficient and ever prepared for any scenario. Whether its burning hot or breezing cold, they will always take it as a challenge of the race. They won’t be pampered with water station and toilet every 3KM of the route. That is the beauty of Ultra Runners.


We will always be needing people to help us with this event to make it as smooth as possible. There are minor task which involves water or food station, medic, general setup and race pack collection.

Sign up if you

  • like to meet more people from all over the world
  • wants to know how an Ultra event works
  • would like to tell your grand children that you were there when this great event happened.
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Main Terms & Condition

  • Age 21 and above only